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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Add multiple projects to a BIDS solution

This is not a good habit to create a solution for each report or project, if we do this, not easy to manage the all reports/projects.

I have learnt a good technique to my last company and today implemented same in new company, while implementing I had faced some problems.
But ultimately get the solution after sometime.
So I want to share that solution to all of others who are looking to implement the same.

After implementing this, BIDS looks like in hierarchy type:

   o Project1
          Shared Data Sources
   o Project2
         Shared Data Sources
  o Project3
        Shared Data Sources

Here are the steps:

Personalize the Visual Studio:

1. Open Visual Studio
2. Go to Tool > Option
3. Choose Projects And Solutions
4. Check “Always show solution”
5. Uncheck “Warn user when the project location is not trusted”.

Create a new Blank Solution:
1. On the File menu, select New and then click Project.
2. In the Project type’s pane, select Other Project Types and then select Visual Studio Solutions.
3. In the Templates pane, select Blank Solution.
4. Enter a name for the project.
5. To change the location of the solution directory, choose Browse and specify a new location.
6. Select Add to Source Control if we want to add the solution to a source control database or repository. (will be disable if we don’t have any Source Control installed)
7. Click OK.
After creating an empty solution, we can add new or existing projects and items to the empty solution by using the Add New Item or Add Existing Item command from the Project menu.

Add new Project to solution:
1. On the File menu, select New and then click Project.
2. In the New Project dialog box, select one of the Project types from the left pane.
3. Select one of the project Templates from the right pane.
4. Enter a Name for the new project.
5. In Solution: choose “Add to solution”.
Simply right click on Solution > Properties > New Projects>Choose Template > Enter a Name > Ok.

So in this way, we can manager our all reports and projects under one solution. And also we can now add complete solution to any source control.

It’s pretty quite simple, I hope we enjoy it. !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good work

Anonymous said...

I was struggling as to why I could not see the solution and only project, also on how to add multiple projects to the same BIDS solution. Your post really helped me, thanks!!

KrysO said...

My company is upgrading from 2005 to 2012 and all the reports were kept in separate solutions. I was looking for exactly what you are describing above. This was very helpful. Thanks